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Nico Home Watch provides a full array of services to clients while they are traveling.  Below is a partial checklist of what we provide to every customer, though we can tailor more extensive services to those desiring even more.

Check Outside

  • Mail and/or packages brought inside

    • Does client need anything forwarded?

  • Check windows/doors for intrusions and leaks

  • Garage doors secured

  • Any sign of animal damage around property?

  • Landscaper has been attending to property

  • Check for leaks outdoor hoses/irrigation

  • Shutters in proper placement

  • Patio furniture in place

  • Outdoor grill in place and covered

  • Check porch/lanai for debris/furniture out of place

  • Exterior walls and roof visually inspected

  • Outdoor lighting set as client requests


Check Inside

  • Laundry room intact and no leaks

  • Run water in kitchen sink/Test garbage disposal

  • Flush toilets in bathrooms and look for leaks

  • Run water in sinks and showers

  • Smoke alarms working

  • Fireplace in proper setting?

  • Refrigerator closed/no leaks

  • Review HVAC settings and working

  • Check HVAC drip pan

  • Does client car need to be started?

  • Pool/Hot Tub

    • Clear and functioning

    • Covered

    • No animal intrusion

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